News Roundup: Alien Mogul of Chernobyl

by: Randy -
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  • Remember when you were a kid that Texas Instrument-sized handheld football game with LED lights blipping around as players?  Football Mogul 2007 is the spiritual successor to those "good ole days."
  • The classically-styled 3-D action title, Alien Shooter Vengeance, is ready to burst through some chests.
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  • Still a ways off, the Warhammer Online buzz machine is still cranking out the propaganda.  Killer Betties talk to EA Mythic's Senior Producer Jeff Hickman, and Creative Director Paul Barnett.
  • Over the weekend, the website got a makeover, and they too snagged some press time during a Warhammer Online telephone conference.
  • A month to go still before the Burning Crusade begins, Hasani Davis of editorializes on WoW's latest patch.
Thanks to Atomic Gamer,, and Killer Betties for hookin' up today's News Roundup.