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News Roundup: Alien Mogul of Chernobyl

by: Randy -
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  • Remember when you were a kid that Texas Instrument-sized handheld football game with LED lights blipping around as players?  Football Mogul 2007 is the spiritual successor to those "good ole days."
  • The classically-styled 3-D action title, Alien Shooter Vengeance, is ready to burst through some chests.
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  • Still a ways off, the Warhammer Online buzz machine is still cranking out the propaganda.  Killer Betties talk to EA Mythic's Senior Producer Jeff Hickman, and Creative Director Paul Barnett.
  • Over the weekend, the MMORPG.com website got a makeover, and they too snagged some press time during a Warhammer Online telephone conference.
  • A month to go still before the Burning Crusade begins, Hasani Davis of MMORPG.com editorializes on WoW's latest patch.
Thanks to Atomic Gamer, MMORPG.com, and Killer Betties for hookin' up today's News Roundup.