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Left 4 Dead heads to the arcades... in Japan

by: Jeremy -
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Japan... they always get the cool stuff when it comes to video games!

In this case they are getting an arcade version of Left 4 Dead courtesy of Taito. The game, which is a modified version of Left 4 Dead 2, will be playable in arcade establishments with a mouse and a device similar to the Wii nunchuck. The setup has 4 cabinets linked together so that four players can play the game the way that it was meant to be played: as a group.

I could definitely get into an arcade / light gun version of L4D, even if that isn’t exactly what this is; it is still cool to see some modern gaming series getting the arcade-love! This isn’t the first time that Taito has done work with Valve’s properties as they tackled Half Life 2 and CounterStrike NEO previously. Just like the previous Valve-conversions, don’t expect to see this game make its way stateside as the coin-op industry is practically non-existent over here.

Source: Arcade Heroes