SMITE celebrates Memorial Day weekend with double favor free gems!

by: Nathan -
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Memorial Day is this weekend and SMITE is celebrating with major promotion this weekend where players can earn free gems and double favor. 

From Friday all the way through Monday, players will earn double favor for each match they play. In addition, players will also earn 10 gems for every first win of the day bonus throughout the weekend as well. If you win a match in every game mode for the weekend you can earn up to 280 free gems. Favor is SMITE's in game currency which can be used to buy gods, certain skins, golden skins, icons, and re-rolls in assault. Gems can be used to purchase gods, premium skins, icons and voice packs.

In addition, the Mountain Man Odin skin is getting a major graphical overhaul. The skin will be on sale for 300 gems until Friday. Those who already bought the skin will get the new remodel free when it's released.

SMITE also has a big patch planned for next week, so keep an eye out for the news when the patch notes are released on Friday. 

I got about 10,000 favor right now and I am hoping to gain enough this weekend to buy a couple of golden skins which cost 15,000 favor each.