Xbox Live Marketplace Round-up

by: Dan -
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Been a lot of things hitting Xbox Live Marketplace, here is a quick list of news for thsi morning:

New Halo 3 Vid hitting Marketplace

While some rumors have been running around that a new Halo 3 vid will reveal that a Brute is a playable character, that was put to rest by Frank O'Connor of Bungie.  However, a new vid WILL be available this week.  It will be in 720p format and provide more information on Halo 3's Campaign Mode (storyline).

Saint's Row Ho Ho Ho pack
Xbox 360 owners of Saint's Row get a little holiday treat with a FREE clothing download pack.  Nothing like popping come caps in somebody's ass dressed like good ole Saint Nick.  Available in all Xbox Live Regions.
Eragon Theme and Pic
A downloadable Theme (150pts) and Picture Pack (80 pts) are now available on Marketplace.  The downloads are available in all Xbox Live Regions.