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by: Nathan -
More On: EA Sports UFC

Okay I'm sold. I have been extremely skeptical about EA UFC for a while because here we are less than a month from the release and we have not seen any actual fights in the game. Well EA finally pulled back the curtain on the game and it looks pretty amazing.

In the video we see Jose Aldo and Anthony Pettis step into the octagon and throw down. The presentation looks incredible and really does feel like you are watching an actual UFC fight. We do see some takedown action but unfortunately we didn't get to see any submissions or some real ground and pound. Hopefully EA will keep releasing videos as we march towards the June 17th release date. 

My only complain was that the fight does look a bit fast. Hopefully there will be a gamespeed option in the game to slow things down a bit. 

EA UFC will be released on June 17th for Xbox One, PS4 and if you pre-order the game you get instant access to legendary martial artist, Bruce Lee.