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Xbox Live deals aim to get you fighting for less

by: Jeremy -
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This week’s Xbox Live sales for Gold members are meant to get you in the proverbial ring, or at least putting your fists up. There are a variety of fighting games on sale through the online service that will mark down prices from 12% to 66% depending on your game of choice.

You get to choose from the following this week:

  • Killer Instinct Ultra Edition 12% off
  • Killer Instinct Ultra Edition (if you already own the combo Breaker Edition) 50% off
  • Tekken Tag Tournament 2 66% off
  • Soul Calibur V 66% off
  • Soul Calibur II HD 50% off

There are a few other games on sale too, but these are the big ones. Check out the marketplace on your system or in your browser for the complete list.