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Democracy 3 takes it to the extreme

by: Jeff -
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The people have spoken- simple tax cuts and empty bi-partisan gestures aren't cutting it. They want you to take drastic action to make some real changes in this county. In the latest DLC for Democracy 3, you can completely overhaul your infrastructure by banning or subsidizing unions, keep the citizenry "wholesome" by banning divorce, and keep your country safe by implementing a secret police and allowing the torture of terrorists. Normally I'm the type that prefers gameplay trailers, but the trailer for the Extremism DLC does a really good job of describing a bleak world that requires drastic action.

If you aren't familiar with Democracy 3, you might want to check out Dave's review. If you're already sold, you can get Democracy 3 and the DLC through Positech Games, Steam, and GOG.com.