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Skylanders celebrates soccer fever. I didn't know I had soccer fever until now.

by: Nathaniel -
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Kickoff Countdown was discovered by Yetis, because of course he (it?) was.  He has a soccer ball for a head and a bomb for an arm, because toys.

Anyway, Kickoff Countdown is the newest hero for Skylanders SWAP Force and for the first time ever Kickoff Countdown will be on shelves in Toys "R" Us AND online at Toysrus.com.

Man, toys have gotten very weird.  To learn more, follow the jump.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014


The heroes of Skylanders SWAP Force have enlisted yet another team member in the battle against Kaos, this time with a soccer-themed flair. For the first time in Skylanders® history, Kickoff Countdown will make his way exclusively to Toys"R"Us stores nationwide and online at Toysrus.com on Sunday, May 18, and will be available at retailers worldwide the following week. This newly designed Kickoff Countdown is the only Skylander with the head of a soccer ball that appears both on the toy and in-game, which is sure to help him battle his way through Skylands' most notorious Chompies and Trolls.

Originally, Kickoff Countdown was discovered by a group of Yetis who were snowboarding one particularly chilly morning when they came across a big bomb encased in ice. After bringing it back to their cabin, they were shocked when it actually came to life. No one, not even Countdown himself, has any memory of where he came from or how he ended up frozen in the mountains. Since becoming a Skylander, Master Eon has been graciously trying to help piece together fragments of his past. But this has proven difficult, as Countdown loses some of his memory every time he explodes - which happens a lot!