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See the insanity of Wolfenstein: The New Order in it's launch trailer

by: Chuck -
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Somehow Wolfenstein: The New Order snuck up on me as I just realized the game is out next week.  This might be because the game was been delayed or because I lost track of it in all of the next gen madness but either way I was a bit blown away but this launch trailer which shows off how absolutely nuts the game is.

The basics from the Wolfenstein we know and love are there but there's also a bit of an edge that I haven't seen in previous iterations of the franchise.  It seems like there's a lot of influence from Inglorious Bastards but whatever it is Bethesda seems to have cranked things all the way up to 11 with this trailer.  If you want more info on the game be sure to check out Matt's hands on preview of the game from earlier this year. 

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