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G.E.B. 1... systems online, destruction imminent!

by: Nathan -
More On: SMITE

Looks like someone dun goofed. One cool thing that Hi Rez studios has done as of late is let fans use a special dev client of the game to test out new features before they are made available to the public. Well the dev client went live this past weekend and it seems that Hi Rez forgot to hide something. .

If you logged into the client in French, you were greeted by a brand new Transformers  skin for Geb. The cat was out of the bag at that point and Hi Rez said that if they could get 8K Retweets. They would release the skin. Release it they did! 

So today, Hi Rez released the official G.E.B. 1 skin for SMITE and it is currently available for purchase. The skin, like the Dark Whisperer Ah Muzen Cab skin is a complete graphical reworking complete with custom animations and a custom voice pack. 

The G.E.B. 1 skin will run you 600 Gems and the custom voicepack will cost 200 Gems. 

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