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Kickstarter for Mega Man X-style game is almost up...and funded.

by: Russell -
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Recently I had the opportunity to check out Echoes of Eridu, a Mega Man X-style game that's currently in the Alpha stages.  I checked it out a few days ago and just got my write-up submitted when I noticed something: the Kickstarter ends in 19 hours from now.  I honestly didn't realize it was up so soon or I would have rushed to get the write-up done as soon as possible.

However, here's a quick synopsis.  If you like Mega Man X, you'll probably like Echoes of Eridu.  From the music to the characters and the weapons they use I enjoyed it.  Something I didn't realize until I submitted the write-up was that when the full game is released each playthough will be different.  Granted there will be a final stage and final boss, but the stages you play through change each time you play.  On the alpha version there were only two stages, but the fact that you can keep certain items you find between playthroughs is a pretty nice tough.

Bottom line, if you're a fan of the X games definitely check out the Kickstarter.  It's been funded, but there are still a couple of stretch goals that can be unlocked.  Plus $25 can get you into the early access beta of the game in July, so it'll be interesting to see what's changed between the alpha and beta versions.