Learn about animals in a Pokemon-inspired game

by: Russell -
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Did you know that about a decade ago a study showed that kids knew more about Pokemon than real animals?  Actually that doesn't seem too surprising.  Anyway, one man in Germany is hoping to change that by actually combining the two.  AnimalAlbum is a game in which kids can learn about different animals from around the world in a style similar to that of Pokemon.  As you walk around you can talk to different people who quiz you on different animals or you can even have random animal encounters out in the field.

Instead of battling you answer quiz questions and attempt to identify various animals.  The faster you identify them (ie. the less hints you reveal) the more experience you get for that animal.  It's a pretty interesting concept.  While a Kickstarter campaign is going on right now, you can also check out a demo of the game to see what you think of it.  The demo is in Flash but the full game from what I understand will be a downloadable game.


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