Gameplay video for Sunset Overdrive

by: John -
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Sunset Overdrive is Insomniac's newest franchise and it looks really cool. The game reminds me Jet Set Radio with mutants involved.

It's a third person shooter where it takes place in the future where some energy drink has turn people into mutants. You'll be facing off against both organic and inorganic enemies ranging from small scale mutants to what looks like robots as well.

Insomniac's Ratchet and Clank games are known for some really unique weapons and it looks like Sunset Overdrive's going to be continuing that tradition as seen in the video. The gun where it shoots little teddy bears with dynamite attached to them is just crazy.

No doubt about it, the action looks fast and fun. Sunset Overdrive has a great style to it and I hope this franchise takes off for the crew. For now, enjoy the first looks at the gameplay below.

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