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Is Ed Boon teasing something on his Twitter?

by: Nathan -
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Mortal Kombat fans know that the series co-creator Ed Boon has a long history of trolling and teasing fans both in game and on his Twitter with secrets and it looks like he may be at it again. 

Ed Boon tweeted out the following yesterday. 

Square root of 841.

When you do the math you'll find that the answer is 29. This made fans start speculating like crazy. What does 29 mean? Could there be some kind of reveal on May 29th? Of course Ed wouldn't say what it meant but he did just tweet out something new today.

Question: How many days in (non-leap-year) February?

The answer to that of course is 28. So now many seem to believe that Ed Boon is counting down to something happening in 28 days. I find it no coincidence that if it is a countdown, it would end right in the beginning of June. What is significant about June? Well, E3 of course! 

Could this be a countdown to the reveal of a new Mortal Kombat game? There is also the rumor that Injustice 2 may be coming soon but I think we would most likely get a new Mortal Kombat game before a new Injustice game. Maybe they are both in development at the same time.

Hopefully we will find out soon and as a gigantic Mortal Kombat fan, I couldn't be more excited. I cannot wait to see what a next gen Mortal Kombat would look like.