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Five new screenshots for Tales from the Borderlands

by: John -
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Gearbox Games and Telltale Games are teaming up for Tales from the Borderlands and today we have the first five screenshots and a little bit more info on the game.

From the screenshots, you can see Tales from the Borderlands retains that cell-shaded style of the previous Borderlands games. 

Taking place after Borderlands 2, the game will focus on two characters. Rhys and Fiona are a data miner and a con-artist respectively. You can be that with Telltale involved, there's going to be some tough choices that you'll have to make with the two.

It looks like some Borderlands 2 characters will make an appearance in the game as one of the screenshots has Zero cutting off an arm from some poor guy.

This marriage of Telltale's adventure style with Gearbox's action should make for an interesting game to say the least.