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Your next Call of Duty is Call of Duty:Advanced Warfare and it will hit shelves on 11/4/14

by: Chuck -
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It looks like we're getting the trailer for the new Call of Duty game a bit early.  The game will be called Call of Duty:Advanced Warfare and it confirms that the game is set in the near future.  The game will feature new things like advanced drones, powered exoskeletons, more drones, and all kinds of stuff that's on the drawing boards right now. 

The game will also star Kevin Spacey who looks to have leveraged his role as a Call of Duty playing Vice President in House of Cards into playing the role of a private military company (PMC) in Call of Duty.  I'm kind of interested to see how this plays out as Spacey is spectacular in House of Cards but I'm not sure how well that role will play out in a video game.  

The trailer doesn't reveal any platforms other than Xbox One but it would be safe to assume we're seeing a PS4 and PC version as well but we did get a release date of 11/4/2014.  Enough blathering, here's the trailer:

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