H1Z1 gameplay showcased in new trailer and Twitch livestream videos

by: Travis -
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Sony Online Entertainment has released some videos from its recent 12-hour Twitch livestream of open-world zombie survival game, H1Z1, that showcase the gameplay, environments, and most importantly, the zombies. As well, a new gameplay was released alongside the broadcasts to give a more polished look at the game. The game's features will include:

  • A destructible world on a massive scale that players can alter by crafting new structures while destroying others, affecting not only their own experience, but that of other players
  • A dramatic day/night cycle, dynamic weather and combustible world
  • An expansive crafting system that allows players to build anything from weapons to fortresses
  • A Player Server system which will give players to the ability to vote on and create custom rule sets and attributes
  • Unpredictable Zombies programmed with emergent AI
  • A huge array of weapons and multi-passenger vehicles

Eager zombie fans will be happy to hear that the developers are planning to release the game's development version through Steam Early Access in the upcoming weeks. Further information can be found on the game's official subreddit.

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