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Want a UFC contract? Then you must go through The Ultimate Fighter in EA UFC

by: Nathan -
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EA UFC comes out on June 17th 2014 and EA has given us the lowdown on the games Career Mode and Online features.

For almost a decade, The Ultimate Fighter has been used to give young fighters their chance at UFC glory and EA UFC will be no different.

Want that UFC contract? You'll have to fight for it as EA UFC career mode will start you off in The Ultimate Fighter where you'll have to win that competition in order to get a UFC contract. Once you get the contract your career isn't over as you'll have to manage your fighters popularity and longevity. 

Putting on exciting fights will earn you fans, popularity and of course, sponsorships which you can then wear during fights. You need to be careful as you also have a longevity meter to watch out for. Taking tons of damage and fighting recklessly will cause your longevity meter to run down. If the meter runs out, then your career is over. 

EA also gave us the lowdown on their online features

  • Online Championships - Online Championships will let you prove how you stack up against the rest of the world. 
  • Online Rivalries - Create a 1 on 1 rivalry with a friend. Each rivalry tracks head-to-head stats and provide in depth analysis 
  • FighterNet - Track all your online competition. Track and compare your stats against friends and rivals, share fight highlights and you may even get your fight featured on the Highlights of the Night. 

EA UFC drops on June 17th 2014 for Xbox One and PS4 and pre-ordering the game will allow you to play as the legendary Bruce Lee.