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Better late than never: WWE Network now available on Xbox One

by: Jeremy -
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I don’t know if Sean has made it clear by now or not, but the WWE Network is awesome. If you are a professional wrestling fan, I don’t know how you can live without this amazing service. We are talking about the entire PPV archives of the WWE, WCW, and ECW plus tons of original programming and current PPV events, all lumped together for a discount monthly price.

The service is reaching out to a new market today as the WWE Network app is finally available for Microsoft’s Xbox One. The application has been notable absent from the platform since it launched back in February. Absent no more, you can now view all of this content from the Xbox One dashboard. This is perfect timing too as the Extreme Rules PPV is this coming Sunday and I can’t think of a better way to tune in and watch Bray Wyatt destroy the Cenation once and for all.