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New set of Rockstar verified jobs available for GTA Online

by: Nathan -
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The community of GTA Online keeps creating amazing content and Rockstar makes sure that everyone gets a chance to play the best of the best from said community. This time around Rockstar held a contest to find the best content and the winners have been announced. In addition to getting their content published as Rockstar verified jobs, the winners will also get a cool $1,000,000 of in game GTA money, an exclusive CAPTURE licence plate and an opportunity to participate in a Rockstar Games live stream to talk about their creations. 

Here is the rundown of the newly added jobs. 

  • Corrupt Cops - Created by JuzSlayin
    Competing Police divisions race across the banks of Procopio Beach in Paleto Bay to take on a large gang of knife-wielding Ballas and confiscate their goods as "evidence". The fun you'll have launching vehicles off ramps to crash down on to the unsuspecting heads of these purple-clad gangbangers cannot be understated, but make sure you don't stop to take in the scenery when you're collecting the bags - the Ballas numbers are high and they certainly know how to close the distance between the end of their blades and the center of a corrupt officer's ribcage.
  • GTA: That's My Rhino - Created by RikkiVercetti
    Here, two groups of pilots in a flock of P-996 Lazers square off over The Alamo Sea in hot pursuit of a single Rhino Tank. Whether you are flying in from Grapeseed in the north or the Grand Senora Desert in the south, you'll want to be mindful of the armed ground level mercs guarding the tank that won't take too kindly to your incursion. The Creator of this Capture, RikkiVercetti is a member of the Creator's Core Club Crew and has created a total of 37 Jobs so far
  • GTA: Payback Time - Created by Maximilian-R
    "Just grab a bike and pedal! Even you ain't forgotten that." - BMXs will take you into the Vespucci Canals, but hopefully one of the prized vehicles will take you back out. With each squad aiming for different vehicles, the central head-to-head bloodbath that often occurs in GTA Captures will be minimized, but tough AI characters guarding the waterways will still give you ample opportunity for some trigger time, along with any confrontations with the opposition as you come back across the bridges with your bounty
  • Adventure Team - Created by Organlegger                                                                                                 This epic relay to the top of Mt. Chiliad gives you a large variety of vehicle options to choose from, and once you get there, you're given a parachute to make your way back down to the Capture point. Savvy players might want to pair up in the Maverick heli to make those return trips a bit easier, but in the end a freefall leap of faith from the cliff side is still likely to be the fastest way down.

Still no information on Heists or new single player content although E3 is right around the corner. If I were a betting man, would guess that there is going to be an announcement that GTA V is heading to next gen consoles and will include all new content for single player and Online. I am also going to guess that the new content will be available for last gen systems as DLC when the next gen system version is released.