DICE still waging war on big bugs in Battlefield 4 nearly 6 months after launch

by: Chuck -
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DICE released Battlefield 4 on 10/29/2013, nearly six months ago and despite numerous patches and updates the game still seems to be introducing as many major bugs as it fixes.  This sucks because the game is a hell of a lot of fun when it works but given that it doesn't work that often it makes the experience all the more frustrating for fans of the series.

The latest issue is a "rubber banding" issue that was introduced with the Naval Strike DLC earlier this month.  This is especially troubling given that the DLC was delayed on the PC for fit and finish reasons.  The symptoms of the issue is that players will move in one direction and then the server will move you back, making it look like you've been rooted to the ground by a rubber band.  This make shooting and evading fire significantly more difficult to say the least.

What's interesting from reading the developer blog post is that the issue seems to be related to how the server hardware is configured and that the team is throwing more hardware at the issue to resolve it, which usually isn't a good sign from a software development perspective as that usually points to memory leaks or other code defect issues.  Hopefully the upcoming patch fixes these issues as most players are sick of having to deal with these issues.