Bioware outlines the classes for Dragon Age: Inquisition

by: John -
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Boy, we're getting a steady dose of Dragon Age: Inquisition information here lately aren't we? The website for the game has gone and put up some details of the three classes you can be in the game.

Your choices will be a warrior, mage, or rogue. The warrior looks like your typical tank character. The mage will be the one fighting from afar with spells at their disposal. With the rogue, it sounds like you can do a little bit of both close combat and long range having access to daggers and bows while relying on their stealth for the kill.

While that seems a little limiting at first in having only three classes, later on down the road you can choose some specialization. Each class looks like there are three distinct specializations you can do, but right now there's only a description for one in each class.

More details on the classes will come forth in the near future. 

The game does look great as evident by the trailer released a few days ago.