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Sony taking the Playstation 4 on the road this Spring

by: Dan -
More On: PlayStation 4 Watch Dogs Destiny inFAMOUS: Second Son FIFA 14 The Order: 1886 Contrast Tiny Brains Resogun Knack

In what has become something of an annual event for the console manufactures, Sony will hold up its end of the bargain by taking the PlayStation 4 on the road this Spring. Currently there are nine stops on the Road to Greatness tour, including one here at GamingNexus HQ in Columbus at Rock on the Range May 16-18. The show opens this weekend at the Stagecoach Country Festival in Palm Springs, CA.

Games to be featured include inFAMOUS Second Son, Watch Dogs, The Order: 1886, Destiny, Knack, RESOGUN, FIFA 14, Contrast, LEGO Marvel Super Heroes, Octodad: Deadliest Catch, Tiny Brains and Super Motherload.

You can check out the entire lineup, locations and details at the official Road to Greatness website.