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JT - Martyr for the children

by: Chuck -
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Nightline, my how the mighty have fallen.  Kudos to JT for managing to get this piece of pure crap that they ran last night.  You have to hand it to the dude, he's good at getting his message across.  I didn't check the credits but I would almost bet that JT wrote the entire piece.

The first thing you note off the top of the piece is that they focus on three violent games, Manhunt, Bully, and Grand Theft Auto (in general...looks like footage of Vice City)...all Rockstar games.  You have to give him credit for his complete single mindedness on one company.  Of course it hurts the piece as they don't cover other games of the same genre (like Saints Row) or even Left Behind.  There are a few shots of the new Mortal Kombat game as JT is featured as one of the unlockable characters in the game)

JT refutes the stat of lower crime amongst children nationwide (FBI stat mind you) by saying that it is due to schools handling these kinds of things internally  and not reporting them to the authorities.  Of course it's all from "people he's talked to" and this is done because the schools don't want to have the stigma attached to them. 

They do bring up the contest that JT did last year about creating a game and how he failed to live up to his promise (thankfully the Penny Arcade guys did).  Jack continues to go with the entire world vs. me thing and even casts himself as David in the biblical story of David vs. Goliath.

No one from Take-2 is shown on camera but they do have a written statement from the company.   There's also no second side to the piece to say why these games are the way they are, there are no interviews will adults and teenagers who play these games and realize that they are just games.  There's only brief mention that the games are rated M (although they do harp on the story JT tells about having his 10 year old son buying these games).  There's absolutely no one to refute his side of the story and that's just crapola journalism
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