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Remaining portable Mega Man games finally hitting the Virtual Console next month

by: Russell -
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Remember a long time ago...well, last year when the year of Mega Man's 25th anniversary came around...when Capcom said that Mega Man II through V and both Mega Man Xtreme games would be coming to the Virtual Console?  In fact I believe I posted about that back in July.  Well Capcom is finally living up to that statement.  It's been revealed over on the Capcom Community site that The remaining six mainstream portable Mega Man games are hitting the Virtual Console next month...but wait, there's more!

Over on the Capcom Community page that has the announcement you can vote for your favorite of the remaining six with the hopes of it being the first released on May 1st.  While my favorite of those six would be Mega Man III as it was the first of the portable games I played, I say just release them in order.  If they're all coming out in May anyways, just release them in the order they were originally released.  Also, since we already have Game Gear games on the Virtual Console, any chance of releasing Mega Man for the Game Gear?  Yeah it's not that great, but I enjoyed it...except for the screen limitations.

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