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News Roundup: Sins of a Guitar Hero

by: Randy -
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  • The alternate history strategist title, War Front: Turning Point, introduces a German Superweapons trailer.
  • Cube (for the PSP) is a puzzle game with multiplayer features.  But first.  Puzzle out whether you want a high or low quality WMV trailer.
  • Get your B-movie fix in Earth Defense Force X, which pits you against old-school 50's style robots and giant ants (all with a fresh coat of X360 paint).
  • Scantily clad heroines: Get 'em while they're hot!  In other words, Onechanbara Vortex.
  • Heading for the DS, it's the Fossil League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.
  • Get some insider info on upcoming RTS, Sins of a Solar Empire, in an interview with Ironclad Games Producer, Blair Fraser.  (And download this trailer while you're reading.)
  • Nyco lets you put on your Game Face ... well, you actually put it on your Xbox 360 ... which you can make for yourself.  Oh, just have a look.
  • Looking for a motherboard for under $70?  Then look at Legit Reviews coverage of the ASRock ALiveNFG-DVI mATX Motherboard.
  • Obviously you're missing out, and Atomic Gamer will inform you as to why you need in on the Guitar Hero 2 action.
Thanks to Atomic Gamer, Killer Betties, and Legit Reviews for keepin' it trill.  Er, yeah.  Thanks for the News Roundup is what I meant.