Things fall apart in the trailer for Episode 3 of The Wolf Among Us

by: Jeff -
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Telltale Games has released the trailer for Episode 3 of The Wolf Among Us: A Crooked Mile, which can only mean that my blood-sacrifices have been accepted* and the release date is right around the corner. This trailer contains spoilers for the last two episodes, so if you haven't finished those yet GO PLAY THEM. I mean, we appreciate you visiting the site and your dedication to the written word- but seriously. Minimize the browser, open up The Wolf Among Us, get caught up, then come back and watch the trailer.

Man, Telltale really knows how to make a trailer. If you need some more convincing to go play The Wolf Among Us, you should go read our reviews for Episode 1: Faith and Episode 2: Smoke and Mirrors.

 UPDATE: According to Telltale games, the official release date for Episode 3 is April 8 in North America, and April 9 in Europe.

*No animals were harmed in anticipation for this game.

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