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Bastet pounces her way onto the Battleground of the Gods in the newest SMITE update

by: Nathan -
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The huge SMITE launch tournament concluded over the weekend and a big congrats goes out to Team SoloMid for winning the entire tournament and taking home a cool $200,000. The tournament may be over but that doesn't mean Hi-Rez hasn't been hard at work with new content for the game. 

A new patch is scheduled to be released tomorrow and with it brings the very long awaited reworking of Bastet, a new skin for Tyr and the return of the Feaster Bunny Bakasura skin. 

Bastet's old model was pretty bad compared to the rest of the roster but now she has been given a massive upgrade to her art, 3D model, special FX, and voicepack and she looks great. 

A new PrivaTyr skin is also available for Tyr complete with new VO and if you own the voicepack, you have new custom voice commands as well. A few weeks ago we got a Sith Lord type skin for Sun Wukong and this week we get a pirate skin for Tyr. There have been so many amazing skins made over the last few months, I cannot wait to see what Hi-Rez has in store for the future. Now if my main girl Isis could get some love, that would be great. 

Since Easter is right around the corner, the Bakasura Feaster Bunny skin will be making its return for a limited time as well. Both the Feaster Bunny skin and PrivaTyr skin will cost 400 Gems. 

Finally the new god rotation is Isis, Athena, Odin, Anhur and Loki. 

To check out the full list of patch notes and join in on the conversation, be sure to check out SMITE's official Reddit page. 

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