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Full schedule for SMITE's $200,000 tournament this weekend

by: Nathan -
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SMITE has officially launched and the big $200,000 tournament is coming up this weekend in Atlanta Georgia. Unfortunately tickets to the tournament are all sold out but you can watch all of the action on their official Twitch stream

Here is a rundown of the schedule for the main stream this weekend. 

  • Friday, March 28th - Main Event: Upper Bracket Games - Noon
  • Saturday, March 29th - Main Event: Lower Bracket Games - 9AM
  • Main Event: Upper Bracket Games - 4AM
  • Gods and Goddesses Gala (Cosplay Contest) - 7PM
  • Sunday, March 30th - Main Event: Lower Bracket Finals - 11AM
  • SMITE Celebrity Showmatch - 2PM
  • Main Event: Tournament Grand Finals - 4PM

In addition, there will also be other games and streams taking place on the SMITE Pro Twitch channel. 

Be sure to also check out my review of SMITE. Long story short, the game is really really good.

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