This is how you compare tech specs in World of Warplanes

by: Randy -
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If multiplayer dogfighting in golden era World War II planes isn't convincing, maybe comparing technical specifications for different aircraft is. No, really. That's some of the draw for World of Warplanes' groundpounding older brother, World of Tanks, at least. Grinding away in multiplayer matches, just to snag that few thousand more experience points to unlock that next-tier-up vehicle, is half the battle. Breaking through a tier ceiling is a good chunk of the fun and reward.

In addition to plane specs and showing how to fly an aircraft at its best, this video shows how easy it is to compare the specs of multiple planes. I want World of Tanks to adopt this system right now. Currently, it's pretty much impossible to compare same-tier tanks on World of Tanks: Xbox 360 Edition.

World of Warplanes is free-to-play and launched in November of last year on PC.