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ArenaNet introduces the Wardrobe System for Guild Wars 2

by: Sean Cahill -
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Now that Scarlet Briar has tortured her last player in Guild Wars 2, the world can focus on the future.  ArenaNet continues to churn out updates for their hit MMO in the process, including the upcoming April Feature Pack, which includes the new Wardrobe System.  As with any MMO, every player as different tastes and styles when it comes to customizing their character.  That new piece of armor that you just picked up may definitely be better, but it just doesn't have the same look or feel of your favorite piece.  In order to help customization, the Wardrobe System is going to be put in place that will allow players to customize their look at any time, as well as have the ability to share cosmetic items across all of one's characters.  Be sure to check out the latest update to the ArenaNet Video Blog on Youtube that helps break down the features of this upcoming addition.