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Hi Rez releases a developer diary for SMITE and their long road to launch day.

by: Nathan -
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SMITE officially releases tomorrow and Hi Rez is planning a huge $200,000 tournament to celebrate. Hi Rez studio has released a developer diary to celebrate the release showing how the game went from a mod for one of their old games, to the huge MOBA it is today. 

SMITE originally started as a game mode from their old Sci Fi game Global Agenda. After developing the game mode and seeing how fun it was, they thought the game could stand on its own. They came up with the idea of Gods and Goddesses and the game was originally called Battleground of the Gods. 

One thing I love about SMITE is how Hi Rez has presented us their own unique take on the Gods and their lore and the developer diary showed us all of the creative freedom they had when designing new gods. We also get a look of how certain characters looked when the game started and how they have been given visual reworkings over time.

SMITE officially launches tomorrow on March 25. Be sure to check out my review of SMITE when it goes live and if you want to check out SMITE, you can download it free at their official website.


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