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Updates coming to turn off HDCP and add sharing capabilities to the PlayStation 4

by: John -
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One of the great things about the PlayStation 4 is the ease at which I could broadcast my gaming with the share button on the controller. It was quick to setup and quick to get going. Updates coming down the pipe will make video sharing even better.

First up, the ability to turn off HDCP, which is the DRM for HDMI, will be available so that you can hook up a capture device to record and stream with if you don't want to use the PlayStation 4's recording feature. For those that maybe want to capture higher resolution video or longer clips, this is a welcome update. 

The update will also provide some video editing tools in case you want to make your videos a little more visually appealing. And one great thing coming down the pipe, you'll be able to export videos to an externally connected hard drive. Space is a premium on the PlayStation 4 so it'll be nice to be able to archive footage onto another medium.

Twitch and Ustream broadcasts will get a resolution bump up to 720P in the near future and you'll finally be able to archive PlayStation 4 streams on the services. I was always curious why my Twitch PS4 streams were never in my archive, but soon they will be.

No word on when these updates will be coming out though.