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Reports: EA will publish Respawn Entertainment's next game, which will probably be Titanfall 2

by: John -
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With the success of Titanfall on the Xbox One and PC, and soon to be Xbox 360, it sounds like EA will be the one to publish the sequel to the game.

Reports from both Polygon and Gamespot peg EA as the publisher for Titanfall 2. Gamespot does say that they don't know if the game will go multi-platform, but sources for Polygon say that the second game won't be a Xbox and PC exclusive this time around.

Of course, the thought of seeing Titanfall 2 is a long ways away, so while this news is probably expected, it will be a pretty long time before we start to even get a glimmer of the second game. For now, enjoy the first one and the upcoming DLCs that will expand the game even more.

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