Why rebooting Star Fox isn't easy

by: Sean Colleli -
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I always enjoy reading articles by Emily Rogers because she's one of the few game journalists who still does, you know, real investigative journalism. Her pieces are thoroughly researched and that's the case for a new opinion piece she published about Star Fox. She makes some pretty good points about why Nintendo hasn't just rebooted the series yet: they don't have a technology gimmick to sell it with, and the rail shooter gameplay of the series just isn't deep enough on its own to justify the purchase of a new $60 game.

Rogers eloquently sums up what I've been saying for years--to survive, Star Fox needs to expand beyond its roots. Most fans hated both Star Fox Adventures and Star Fox Assault with a passion because those games strayed from the same old arcade formula, but I at least appreciated them for trying something new. Personally, I've always wanted a sandbox Star Fox game that let you explore the whole Lylat system during some huge conflict. It could include the rail shooter elements, but with the on foot/exploration sections expanded into a seamless open world solar system, instead of divided up into standalone levels. Just food for thought.

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