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Sony unveils Project Morpheus, their take at a VR headset

by: John -
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It took the Oculus Rift to make me a believer, but they aren't the only game in town. Today at GDC, Sony finally unveiled their take on a VR headset called the Project Morpheus.

As reported by Engadget, Project Morpheus took three years to build and it's going to be coming to the PlayStation 4. The headset features that familiar glow that's in Move controllers and will feature a high resolution screen with great sound.

It sounds like you'll need the PlayStation 4 camera to use Project Morpheus as well, seeing as it's built with some Move technology. Sony is aiming to make this easy to use so let's hope for a wireless setup along with solid battery life.

No specifics were mentioned and it's probably a little ways off before they need to, but with Sony jumping into the fray and rumors of Microsoft also looking into making a VR headset, VR might be taking off on all platforms in the near future.

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