Tropico 5: Nepotism is alive and well

by: Jeff -
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Kalypso Media has released a new trailer for Tropico 5, where El Presidente gives you a tour of his island over the centuries. Watch the island grow from an uninhabited tropical oasis to an powerful industrial city-state under the rule of the El Presidente and his dynasty. Tropico 5 will have the usual challenges of tending to your people's needs and dealing with opposing factions. But this time, instead of just playing as El Presidente, you will take control of their entire family. Your rule will span generations, and your blood will fuel your empire, as your children take the seat of power and you promote your relatives to the positions of power they deserve. The game will also feature cooperative and competitive multiplayer for up to four players.

Tropico 5 will be available early this summer for PC, Mac, Linux, and Xbox 360. It will also be available for the Playstation 4 later this year. 

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