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Upgraded friends notifications and Kinect improvements coming to the Xbox One in April

by: Chuck -
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Microsoft has announced the contents of the April upgrade to the Xbox One and it's a pretty solid list of improvements.  In this update we'll see improvements to the Kinect's ability to recognize voice and motion commands, updated quality when recording clips with the GameDVR, and status bars for when games and apps are being updated.

The biggest update will be adding back in notifications for when friends and favorites log into Xbox Live.  This was one of the biggest misses when the system launched as it was such a core part of the Xbox Live experience (especially given that friends are tucked away into their own app now).  

It's nice to see Microsoft continue to improve the system but it is a bit frustrating that the system is not at the same level as the Xbox 360.  Hopefully they will get there by the time E3 rolls around.