GTA IV with realistic mods looks absolutely mind blowing

by: Nathan -
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Grand Theft Auto IV has been out for years, but that hasn't stopped people from modding the crap out of the PC version of the game. Now, personally GTA IV was my least favorite GTA since GTA III but man, I really want to play this game again after checking out this video and the absolutely amazing realistic mods that people have added to the game.

This is honestly the first time, I've watched a video from a videogame and thought that it looked like real life. If this was possible on a game that was released six years ago, I'm wondering what games could look like years from now. I thought that we have reached the peak of videogame graphics and then I see a video like this and have to stick my foot in my mouth. 

Can you imagine what modders could do with Grand Theft Auto V? Come on Rockstar, where is that PC version already!?