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200-page EVE: Source hardcover is heavy with EVE Online lore

by: Randy -
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In EVE Online, there's lore that doesn't make splashy headlines. There's backstory that often stays in the background. There are roles and religions and political machinations there for the inquisitive, or ignored by the ignorant. There's even a spate of short fiction putting flesh on the game's bones.

A new 200-page hardcover book, EVE: Source, turns the spotlight on the foundations of EVE Online's massively multiplayer online sci-fi galaxy. The four player factions come equipped with history, traditions, and aspirations. The non-player factions do, too. There are glittering and guttural cities you never see in game, regulations you never hear about running the NPC police units, and engineering specs to ships you never see the inside of.

EVE: Source isn't a strategy guide. It's more for role-players (and role-playing curious) that like some narrative to accompany their game of "spreadsheets in space." 

Also, EVE: True Stories #2 is out and free for the taking. It continues the true, emergent-narrative, in-game story of a single person toppling one of the most renown corporations of EVE's first 10 years.

EVE: Source is now available from Dark Horse Comics. Look for our upcoming review.



EVE: Source, the Comprehensive Guide to the Vast EVE Online Universe, Now Available

Second Chapter of EVE: True Stories Graphic Novel Also Launched 

CCP Games and Dark Horse are pleased to announce that the EVE: Source hardcover edition ($39.99) is now available at comic book stores everywhere and available to order online from Things from Another World.

Whether they are new to the EVE Universe or seasoned veterans, the 200-page, full-color hardcover EVE: Source book will immerse readers in the deep history and lore of the EVE Online universe. With stunning artwork and never-before-seen materials, EVE: Source explores the stories of New Eden, its dynamic history, and the factions that span the three games of CCP’s massive, single-shard online universe: EVE Online, DUST 514 and EVE: Valkyrie

Note: 200 copies of the previously sold-out EVE: Source Limited Edition ($89.99) have been reserved by Dark Horse and are available exclusively for sale at their booth at Emerald City Comicon (March 28-30) in Seattle! Look for the book to be available both in finer bookstores, as well as a digital download from Dark Horse Digital and the Amazon.com Kindle Store on March 18.

Also out recently is the second digital issue of the EVE: True Stories graphic novel, “Thieves Among Us,” available as a free digital download via Dark Horse Digital or on the Dark Horse Android and iOS apps.

Issue #2 of “Thieves Among Us” continues the story of New Eden’s greatest conspiracy. Intrigue grows as the ultimate betrayal comes closer to fruition.