Dark Souls II arrives on PC April 25th

by: Sam -
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After the original Dark Souls' PC debacle Bandai Namco wants to get it right this time with Dark Souls II's PC release. Yesterday they announced that the game is coming to PC via retail and Steam on April 25th. The PC version will be an enhanced port of the game, with higher texture resolution and frame rate options, and hopefully no mods needed to make it run properly. The PC version is available for pre-order on Steam right now for $49.99, and comes with a pre-order bonus CD, artbook, comic, and some in game weapons. 

There is no way I am waiting an extra month to play Dark Souls II, but no doubt many PC fans are glad to hear the PC release is so close to the console this time around. No doubt it will be the definitive version of the game, but I prefer to have the game on my PS3 to complete my Souls collection. 

Source: ign.com