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SMITE's newest god is... a creepy little girl

by: Nathan -
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SMITE is getting a patch this week and with it will bring Scylla, the horror of the deep. League Of Legends got their creepy little girl character a while ago so I guess it's time for SMITE to get theirs.

Scylla can send out hounds to root and damage enemies, send out her sentinel, Zoey, to ward an area of the map and transport to it, and can send out a magical field to damage enemies.  

Her ultimate ability? Oh boy. Scylla transforms into her true form and four terrifying tentacles come out from her. She is crowd control immune and can use the tentacles to smash enemies. If she kills an enemy, she can use it again. This looks absolutely terrifying. 

I'm not sure what's creepier. The fact that it's a little girl, or the fact that the community is already requesting school girl skins. You know... cause, tentacles and school girls? Yeah.... 

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