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Twitch Plays Pokemon...again

by: Russell -
More On: Pokemon Crystal

It's hard to have gone anywhere on the internet in the past two weeks and not hear about Twitch Plays Pokemon, an experiment with a special emulator that let people on Twitch to input controller commands via the chat window to control a game of Pokemon Red.  Believe it or not, after introducing the concepts of Anarchy vs. Democracy to prevent stream trollers from making the game impossible to finish, thousands of players actually finished the game recently (though I'm not sure if they visited the Cerulean Cave to catch/knock out/run from Mewtwo).

Apparently praising the Helix Fossil wasn't enough as a new adventure has recently begun with Pokemon Crystal.  If there's enough interest the man behind the experiment said he would like to do more Pokemon games, so hopefully we can see this go all the way through X and Y...on the other hand, movement in four directions is crazy enough, imagine this project when you can move in eight directions.

Check out the chaos at

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