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Gods Will Be Watching you watching people get capped in the knees this June

by: Randy -
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The character art style was reason enough to put Gods Will Be Watching on my watchlist. The image of a motley crew gathered around a campfire with that ominous game title was another. But now there's this teaser trailer. Gods Will Be Watching is a point-and-click "moral puzzler" centered on sacrifice, commitment, and despair. The teaser's scenes thread together space travel, hologram symbology, torture, hostages, more torture, and then wraps things up with that iconic image of the campfire fellowship.

Gods Will Be Watching started as an entry in the Ludum Dare 26 game jam from April of last year. Per the Ludum Dare 26 rules of engagement, developer Destructeam built a game in 72 hours with "minimalism" serving as the main Iron Chef ingredient. Destructeam brought home the silver. Then, over on Indiegogo, they raised over twice their crowdfunding goal in August, kickstarting this broadened, commercial release of the game.

Gods Will Be Watching comes to PC this June. But you can play the original one-scene 30-day survival adventure from Ludum Dare 26 here.

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