Ronimo is making Swords and Soldiers II

by: Sean Colleli -
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Ronimo Games is known for their wide range and goofy twist, making waves originally with De Blob, Awesomenauts and then the well received Swords and Soldiers for mobile devices, 3DS, Wii and PS3. Now they're working on Swords and Soldiers II, which so far is a Wii U exclusive. The trailer doesn't reveal much besides that the first game's trademark humor is returning, but considering the original was one of the best indie strategy titles in a crowded market, the sequel is probably worth keeping an eye on. According to Ronimo, we'll see more at GDC, and then the game will be playable at PAX East.

Sharpen your axe, grab a tankard o' mead, and light up the barbecue! Ronimo Games is proud to announce Swords & Soldiers II is coming as a downloadable game for the WiiU! A sequel to the 2009 original, Swords & Soldiers II sends Redbeard and his gang of burly Vikings on an all-new adventure. He'll be making new friends but also facing new enemies. This isn't just about who can organize the best barbecue party anymore – this time the world needs some serious saving!

More information on the new side-scrolling strategy game will be unveiled at GDC in few weeks. And it will be publicly playable at PAX East!