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What's new for friends and parties in the Xbox One update coming in March

by: John -
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March will see an update to the Xbox One and it will coincide with the release of Titanfall. Among other things, the release is to help address some of the complaints on the friends side of things and makes for doing some of the actions much easier and quicker in regards to your friends. 

Party chat is now on by default. There's refinement to the UI and it now shows you clearly who is in the game with your or just in your party chatting. You'll also be able to invite someone to a game, to the chat, or to both easier. 

Friends list gets some new changes as well. Speed is increased in accessing the list. Favorites have been moved to the top so you can get to that list quickly. With a context menu on a friend, you get faster ways to invite friends to your party. Recent players list is just that, people you've played with recently where you can go and add them to your friends list or report them.

As with most updates, the refinements look to make things easier and faster for you.