Accolades trailer hot on the heels of The Wolf Among Us – Episode 2: Smoke & Mirrors

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Telltale Games released an accolades trailer for The Wolf Among Us. Destructiod, The Escapist, IGN, Nerdist, and Joystiq contribute punchy box quotes to the video.

A corpse on a table with rope burns around her ankles. Bigby Wolf working the room with a cricket bat named "crowd control." A barrage of voiceovers from Fables questioning the good sherrif's ability to serve and protect the Fables community.

If you're wondering, can a point-and-clicker game have this much beat-'em-up action? The answer is yes. Do Telltale Games' titles look this good in motion? Yes. And do new-school adventure titles like The Wolf Among Us dive headlong into sex, drugs, and enhanced interrogation?


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Today we would like to share an all-new accolades trailer for 'Smoke and Mirrors,' the second episode in our series 'The Wolf Among Us,' based on Bill Willingham's award-winning comic book series 'FABLES' and licensed by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment.

In their review of 'Smoke & Mirrors' Nerdist said the episode "dials everything up to eleven," while Escapist described it as "deliciously dark." According to Joystiq, this latest installment in the season "guarantees we're in this for the long haul."

The second episode of The Wolf Among Us, 'Smoke & Mirrors,' is now available on the Xbox Games Store for $4.99 USD or equivalent, or as part of a season pass upgrade including access to episodes 2-5 as they are released for $14.99 USD. On PC, the episode is available as part of a season pass for $24.99 USD. This episode is also available on PlayStation®Network for PlayStation 3 individually for $4.99 USD, or as part of a season pass which includes access to all five episodes. For iOS, the episode is available as an in-app purchase individually for $4.99 USD, or as part of the episodes 2-5 multi-pack for $14.99.