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Pre-order Wolfenstein: The New Order and get beta access to "Doom"

by: Nathan -
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Oh man, this really made my week. The original Doom is, without a doubt, my favorite videogame of all time. While I did enjoy Doom 3, It just didn't feel like a true Doom game and I have been anxiously awating the next game. Doom 4 has been teased for a while but the project was killed last year and it seemed like Doom was in limbo. 

Turns out that your pre-order of Wolfenstein: The New Order will grant you beta access to "Doom". When you receive the game, an insert will put you on the mailing list. Details will be emailed to you when the beta reaches it's release. Full details on the beta program can be found on the official website

Unfortunately, no other details have been released at this time but I'm going to guess that if the game is simply called Doom, then it will probably be a reboot of the series. If they do go the reboot route, I really hope they give us a next gen Doom that plays like the originals. I want to be running through maze like levels, blowing away anything that moves while awesome rock / metal music is blasting in the background. 

Lastly, a brand new trailer for Wolfenstein: The New Order was released as well. Check it out below.