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Infested Planet "Enlistment Trailer" shows what its like to face the alien horde

by: Sam -
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Rocket Bear Games' real time strategy / tower defense title Infested Planet has a new trailer that shows off some classic RTS gameplay, as well as some giant alien hordes. Infested Planet puts you in the shoes of a group of marines taking their last stand against an alien horde. Horde isn't a term Rocket Bear uses lightly, claiming that players will face thousands of enemies at once in procedurally generated maps. 

These gameplay trailers are reminding me of some old Warcraft III mods I used to play, and I'm excited to give this game a try. Expect a preview and review of Infested Planet in the coming weeks. The game releases on March 6th, but if you like the look of the game you can pick it up in early access on Steam right now for $14.99.