Set up tower defenses in Wildstar's Oregon Trail-like Adventures

by: Randy -
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Carbine Studios' massively multiplayer online role-playing game, Wildstar, is shaping up to be more than anticipated. Sure, it was always going to be a fun-loving science-fiction genre-spanner of an MMO. And sure, it sports a sense of humor that's rare in role-playing games.

But Wildstar's instanced Adventures have a breadth of gameplay directions that are altogether nonexistent in nearly every MMO I can think of. Branching storylines, enemy randomization, and even an Oregon Trail scenario that mixes in tower defense? That's awesome. The details are in this Wildstar DevSpeak: Adventures video. Also, below that, there's a hot-from-the-oven batch of screens depicting two locations labled Astrovoid and Hycrest.

Wildstar needs to nail down a date, but it's still due on PC sometime in the first half of this year.